How we help

The League of the Helping Hand provides help by distributing funds in the form of grants through third party sponsors.


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The help we offer

Financial assistance may be provided under the following three categories:

One-off grants

The League issues grants of up to £250. These are generally awarded for or towards essential household items and specialist equipment not available from statutory agencies.  We recognise that white goods, such as a hob, cooker, washing machine, fridge, carpeting or other items most of us take for granted can be very hard to purchase or replace when you live on or below the poverty line. (Please note, we do not  currently provide grants for the purchase of computers or IT equipment, except for the blind or those who are confined to their house due to disability.)

Regular beneficiaries

We also provide regular and ongoing financial assistance. LHH supports around 70 ill and less able people who have been identified as being in need of on-going financial help.  Quarterly gifts help contribute towards daily living expenses and regular contact is maintained through quarterly newsletters, birthday and Christmas cards as well as a personal visit from the Secretary once a year where possible. We also may (at our discretion depending on funding availability) contribute towards special events such as birthdays or seasonal events and breaks away from home for regular beneficiaries. It is the personal touch that really makes our charity stand out.  We get to know our beneficiaries, meet them in person and are there at the end of the phone.

Carers' breaks

Depending on the available funds, from time-to-time one off payments are made for carer’s breaks. This enables a carer to take time out, away from their day-to-day situation. Carers contribute hugely to the general well-being of the people for whom they are caring, and significantly help them to maintain a reasonable quality of life. However, it is often the case that being entirely focused on the needs of the person in their care takes its toll on their own mental and physical condition.  The opportunity to interrupt this cycle is achievable for a short period through financial assistance for a break. (A carer may also choose to take the person they care for with them on a break.)

However none of this can be achieved without funds being generously donated by businesses, members of the public, third sector organisations and grant funding charities.


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